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Business Information and Consulting Center – Sandanski (BICC – Sandanski)

Association Business Information and Consulting Center – Sandanski (BICC – Sandanski) is a non-governmental organization with more than 19 years of experience in the field of local economic development, supporting of SMEs, training and mentoring of entrepreneurs. BICC – Sandanski is a membership association. Currently the organization has 35 active members which includeprivate entrepreneurs, business organizations, SMEs and people related to business and economic development in the region. In addition BICC – Sandanski is a member of Enterprise Europe Network which is the largest business information and support organization in Europe. During the years of its existence the organization has implemented various projects aimed at supporting the both the economic and social development of the region of South-West Bulgaria. The organization works to increase the competitiveness, competence, skills and knowledge of local companies and entrepreneurs by informing them about current economic and social topics through seminars, training courses, workshops, round tables, discussion forums, etc. BICC - Sandanski provides easy and quick access to competent and present day information and advice on opportunities and administrative requirements needed to start a new business and/or develop an existing one. BICC – Sandanski employs nine staff members. All employees are full-time and specialize in different areas. BICC delivers a wide variety of business support services - Financial issues, IT, Environmental ussues, Eco-energy, Public-private relations, Quality Standards and Management, Project development and management, informal training initatives, business networking, mentoring etc.

Contact person/s: Mr. Plamen Todorov - Project Manager
Full postal address: 5 Skopie Street, 2800 Sandanski, Bulgaria
T. +359 746 30549
F. +359 746 32403

Fundación General Universidad de Granada Empresa

The Fundación General Universidad de Granada Empresa is non profit private institution created in 1989 with the objective of promoting the establishment of permanent connection channels between the University of Granada and its nearest socio-productive context.

The Fundación General Universidad de Granada Empresa is an entity specialized in the design, organization and development of training actions for graduate and postgraduate students. The Foundation also fosters strategies oriented to promote the lifelong learning between professionals, companies and organizations of its nearest context.

Moreover, the Foundation develops regional, national and transnational projects oriented to encourage the integration of unemployed in the labour market, especially university graduates as well as the promotion of the self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Finally, in the area of innovation, the Foundation supports the creation of spin-offs and start-ups and offers technological advice to firms and researchers for the development of R+D+I projects.

Some figures of the Fundación General Universidad de Granada Empresa:

  • More than 25 years committed with training.
  • More than 2.500 training actions organized.
  • More than 137.000 students.
  • More than 50 nationalities between our students.
  • More than 70 collaborative companies for the realization of placements.
  • More than 15 transnational projects in the last five years in collaboration with more than 30 recognized European public and private institutions.

Contact person/s: Mrs. Carmen Osuna López
Full postal address: Gran Vía de Colón, 48, Centro de Transferencia Tecnológica, 1 – 3 Floors
T. +34 958241000 (Ext. 20364)
F. +34 958283252

knowl Social Enterprise for Education and Lifelong Learning

What is knowl?
Knowl is a social enterprise aiming to expand the knowledge capital and make the ‘knowledge society’ more inclusive.

Why knowl is innovative?
Because it brings together the academic, entrepreneurial and research communities at an interdisciplinary level and develops integrated pedagogical models encompassing a wide socioeconomic spectrum.

What we do at knowl?
We provide education and training in a wide range of topics, by exploiting the expertise of educators, academics, instructors, consultants and diverse social actors from various fields like lifelong learning, entrepreneurship and business, creative and cultural industries etc.

How we do it?
We design training material and implement face-to-face workshops and webinars with a special focus on the needs of social groups at risk, as well as companies, organisations and individuals. As a social enterprise, knowl is taking account of the different socio-economic factors of our target groups such as financial resources, educational and cultural background, providing flexible enrolment patterns, and producing socially redeeming value for all.

How you can contribute?
You can attend knowl’s workshops and webinars and give the opportunity to someone who cannot afford them to participate as well. The low attendance fees that you pay cover the fees of an individual who cannot pay. You can buy a training coupon and give it to an individual you choose. Alternatively, you can be a speaker or instructor in one of knowl’s workshops and webinars on a voluntary basis.

Knowl is about networking
We create and maintain strong and productive synergies that are truly socially responsible with the private and public sectors, aligning activities with initiatives within the corporate social responsibility patterns of companies, enterprises and organisations. We mainstream the collective input and achievements of knowl initiatives, through publications, research reports and yearbooks, enriching the knowledge base.

Knowledge is free and inclusive
Our philosophy adheres to the principles of social entrepreneurship and social economy, putting people and social welfare before profits.

Contact person/s: Mr. Aimilios Karamanlis
Full postal address: 335 Acharnon str, 11145, Athens, Greece
T. +30 210 83 12 868
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Militos Consulting S.A.

Militos Consulting S.A. is a unique, dynamic and innovative 360° consultancy firm, with a strong European profile, international experience and many successes and distinctions in the provision of integrated and groundbreaking consultancy services in a wide spectrum of fields, including 360° Information and Awareness Measures, Campaigning and Event Management, (Social) Entrepreneurship, Vocational Education and Training (VET), Social Innovation, Employment, Culture, etc.

An expert in entrepreneurship education and VET, the development of transversal skills, train-the-trainer methodologies and mentoring, Militos has already implemented or is currently implementing more than 20 related European projects such as I-Skills, VOICE, IncuVET, Farm inc., Taxistars, InspireYowup, Mentee, KeySTART2Work, TrainVET 4 jobs, Rooms to VET, Succession, Biz on board, High Heels, Mentering, Fresh Start, Women@Business, and the officially recognised best practices Business Mentors (where Militos was coordinator), LadybizIT and Mumpreneurs, having developed a strong expertise on business consulting, mentoring, skills empowerment, creation of interactive e-learning tools and mobile applications, entrepreneurial networks/platforms and immersive games.

With a track record of over 40 EU-funded projects and activities, as leader or partner, Militos has sound experience in project management of large-scale and complex projects as well as in depth understanding of European policies. An expert in business consulting, mentoring, skills empowerment, VET and interactive e-learning tools and mobile applications across professional sectors, Militos has already implemented or is currently implementing many related projects such as CORE-VET on better employment opportunities for unskilled and semi-skilled employees in tourism and hospitality, Succession on family businesses, I-Skills on innovation skills, VOICE on online business acceleration, IncuVET on entrepreneurship education, Farm inc. on marketing and branding of agricultural products, Taxistars on online training of taxi drivers, KeySTART2Work on transversal competences, as well as the officially recognised best practices Business Mentors (led by Militos), LadybizIT and Mumpreneurs.

Militos has extensive experience and expertise in mobilising communities, building and activating networks, managing demanding events and large-scale campaigns, designing smart, inventive, high aesthetic and quality promotional material, being the first choice as Communication and Dissemination Consultant for enterprises and (European) bodies. Within the last 5 years, Militos has organised more than 140 multidimensional events with more than 37.000 participants, having received many distinctions for the quality, impact and innovative content of its services and communication activities, including, most recently, 2 european awards (DG AGRI).

Militos is also well known for the smart, inventive, high aesthetic and quality material it produces, including logos, leaflets, flyers, banners, posters, website mockups, vortals, online games, teasers for social media, interactive blogs, being the first choice as Communication and Dissemination Consultant for enterprises and (European) bodies, such as the European Commission Representation in Greece (Exclusive Communication & Campaigning Consultant), European Parliament Information Office in Greece (External Consultant), European Commission Standard Eurobarometer for Greece (National Editor), DG Enterprise and Industry (Intermediary Organisation for ERASMUS Young Entrepreneurs & Coordinator of the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs).

More recently, Militos is heavily involved in the support and promotion of social entrepreneurship across sectors and actors and the provision of consultancy services to social entrepreneurs. In particular, Militos is running the programme “Entreprising Socially” of the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA) of the Municipality of Athens, providing consultancy services, tools and mentoring to social enterprises, under establishment or starting-up, assisting them in elaborating a detailed and sound business plan and supporting its implementation with the aim to promote social entrepreneurship in the region of Attica, Greece. At the same time, as partner to two European projects on social policy, innovation and entrepreneurship, Militos is contributing to the further development of educational and training tools in this direction: USR-NET / European Network of Socially Responsible Universities is developing a learning guide of transversal contents to be taught within socially responsible universities but also to train-the-trainers (university staff and other stakeholders) to work in a socially responsible manner, and SESBA / Social Enterprise Skills for Business Advisers, is training the trainers (business consultants) through new methodologies and consulting techniques to better respond to the needs and challenges in the field of social entrepreneurship.

In parallel, Militos, in cooperation with the Social Enterprise knowl for Education and Lifelong Learning, having formed "the downtown cluster", a powerful entrepreneurial ecosystem of collective wisdom, is supporting the implementation, with 100% private funds, of the pioneer “Mellon-Skills Accelerator” project in the region of Attica, Greece, supporting the fight against unemployment. Mellon is a personalised skills development and empowerment programme focusing on unemployed people and people Not in Education, Employment of Training (NEETs) with the aim to secure their entry and stay in the labour market, through addressing their own personal needs, skills (or lack thereof), aspirations and goals. In this respect, Militos is also managing the mobilisation of the civil society, professionals, VET trainers, sponsors and experienced high level professionals in view of creating a wide network of support for the project and its beneficiaries.

Militos is furthermore involved in the support and promotion of the cultural and creative industries sector, in terms of building intercultural relations but mainly as a means for the creation of new employment positions and boosting the competitiveness of the national and European economy. The company has been selected as technical consultant of the Greek City of Larissa in preparing its bid for European Capital of Culture 2021, engaging with great success the local community, businesses and volunteers in support of the bid. Militos has designed, managed and implemented for the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Greece all cultural events and an online cultural hub, planning a vast Azerbaijani art exhibition in mid-2016 while it is currently participating as partner in the European project Craftmanship / Fostering a New and Competitive Approach to Crafts and Semi-Industrial High Added-Value Sectors across Europe.

Contact person/s: Mr. Kyriakos Lingas
Full postal address: 335 Acharnon str, 11145, Athens, Greece
T. +30 210 6772129
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North Tree ltd

North Tree ltd, was established in 2002 in Thessaloniki, Greece, as a specialist consultancy providing quality services in organisational development, change management and training. We design, develop and deliver bespoke training programs. North Tree, is one of the key players in analysis, design and project management in Greece. North Tree’s scope is to provide private, public and European bodies as well as family businesses, with the necessary support in order to improve business performance.

North Tree’s key activity includes consulting services for business re-organization, personnel selection & development, HR performance review, outplacement, educational project management. We help organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance. We use our business skills to provide objective advice and expertise and help an organisation to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking. North Tree is primarily concerned with the strategy, structure, management and operations of an organisation. Our teams, will identify options for the organisation and suggest recommendations for change, as well as advising on additional resources to implement solutions.

Our consultants operate across a wide variety of services such as:

  • Learning & Developement;
  • Family businesses succession;
  • business strategy;
  • human resources;
  • information technology;
  • e-business;
  • supply-chain management

North Tree is an international company providing solutions in the area of management consulting & education with nearly 40 years of experience and direct involvement at all the levels of education, with private non-profit institutions, with primary schools nationally and abroad, non-governmental organizations, international agencies, educational institutions and European bodies.

We are pioneers in the design of educational materials and targeted education programs and our tradition in innovation is the essence of what we do. Education is our heritage and the evolution of communication gives us a unique perspective and experience in providing educational services with proven results Among others, our learning consultant may need to analyze performance issues, conduct training needs analyses, create a course catalog, create technical/managerial learning paths, select tools, select vendors (courseware, technology, processes etc.), select custom-built courseware, provide post-training support, measure learning effectiveness, create mentoring/coaching frameworks.

Contact person/s: Ms. Tatiana Rizopoulou
Full postal address: 123 Tsimiski str – 54621 – Thessaloniki - Greece
T. +30 2310 233883
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R&DO Limited

RNDO is a modern think tank of innovation, action and practice. It is a company that implements innovation! R&DO makes the difference when it comes to the design and development of integrated IT solutions, web-based applications and enterprise software applications. Our goal is the continuous development and commercialization of innovative ideas in the form of products and services that are mainly based on ICT.

The experienced team of R&Do is well known for the conceptualisation, design and implementation of innovative ideas, applications and projects, which - amongst others - promote development and innovation, support the green economy, contribute to employability and respond to current social needs. Our strong point lies in the design and implementation of communication strategies and activities of dissemination and publicity in both traditional and digital media, as well as at the initiation of and participation in co-funded European projects focusing on research and innovation. Our key activities range from the fields of IT services, to those of Digital awareness and Research & Consulting.

Contact person/s: Ms. Katerina Paraschou
Full postal address: 7 Michael Koutsofta Building Mykonos 2 Office 102, 2000 Nicosia, Cyprus
T. +35 722887271
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South-West University "Neofit Rilski"

South-West University "Neofit Rilski" (SWU) is a state university, established and functioning by virtue of property and an annual state subsidy secured by the government. The university operates in compliance with all the state regulations. The South-West University has an institutional accreditation certificate issued by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation for the period of 6 years (2012-2018).

The South-West University has 9 faculties offering education in 67 Bachelor’s Degree Programs, 86 Master’s Degree Programs and 43 Doctoral Degree Programs. More than 12 000 undergraduates and post-graduates pursue their studies at SWU, more than 800 of which are foreign students.

The university provides facilities adequate to the high demands of the state and the European Union. With its modern lecturing halls, laboratories, research centres, SWU offers a pleasant environment and excellent conditions for both teaching and research.

The University actively participates in educational and research programs and projects on national and international level – LLP, Erasmus+, Fulbright, DAAD, COST, 7th Framework Program, EU Structural Funds, European Territorial Cooperation program, EEA Grants etc.

Contact person/s: Ms. Anny Atanasova, PhD
Full postal address: Ivan Mihailov Str. 66, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
T. +35 973885505
F. +35 973885505

Trier University

With its 14,000 students Trier University embraces contrast: young, yet true to tradition; internationally oriented and regionally rooted; on the geographic edge of Germany, but in the heart of Europe.

Trier University is one of Rhineland-Palatinate's oldest and – at the same time – youngest universities. A University of Trier was first founded in 1473, but like other German universities located west of the Rhine it was closed by Napoleon in 1798. Trier, Germany's oldest city, can today call itself a university town again, however. In 1970, a new university was founded in Trier – initially, until 1975, with the University of Kaiserslautern as a twin institution. Since then, Trier has been developing into a major academic centre in a region characterized by its proximity to Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

In the project “SUCCESS…ION”, Trier University is represented by the Chair of Management through Joern Block (professor) and Christian Fisch (research associate). The chair’s research focuses on the areas of SMEs, family firms, and succession. Research articles by the Chair of Management have appeared in leading refereed journals including, among others, the Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Small Business Economics, and Research Policy.

Contact person/s: Prof. Dr. Joern Block, Christian Fisch
Full postal address: Trier University, Universitaetsring 15, 54296 Trier, Germany
T. +49 651 201 3030
F. +49 651 201 3029

Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry (YCCI)

Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry (YCCI) as an independent, non-profit, voluntary organization of the business field in the region of Yambol has goals and objectives to support, promote, represent and protect the economic interests of the businesses in the region -industrialists, manufacturers and retailers. There are 136 regular and 960 associated members of the Chamber and all of them work together. YCCI is one of the biggest and with highest capacity among the regional chambers in Bulgaria. YCCI has 7 full-time working experts and more than 30 experts working part time on contractual basis. For the 25 years of its establishment the YCCI has successfully entered in the public and social life of the region by influencing positive change and attitude among its members, partners and citizens.

YCCI is host organization of EUROPE DIRECT and EEN. EEN –network for enterprises, information and innovations. Main accent of the activities of the network is promotion and accelerated introduction of innovations among the enterprises. “EUROPE DIRECT” - its main accents are dissemination of EU information among the citizens and organization of forums, presentations, seminars and trainings.

YCCI has been working very intensely in the field of preparation, management and implementation of EU projects such as Cross-border Cooperation Bulgaria-Turkey, Programme for rural development, OP Administrative capacity, OP Human resource development, Black sea basin joint operational programme. Under those programme YCCI has successfully prepared and implemented more than 30 projects for the first programme period. For 23 of them, YCCI has worked as lead partner.

During 2013-2015 there was implemented the biggest investment project of Yambol CCI - equipment of modern agro-mobile laboratory and education center serving the needs of small businesses in the cross-border region Bulgaria - Turkey. Under the project there was delivered equipment which includes 15 working place with desks and computers, a system for simultaneous translation, interactive board and screens, mobile testing equipment for soil and crops, office equipment and teaching materials.This was a project under the cross-border programme Bulgaria- Turkey.

YCCI has its own licensed centre for vocational training with 32 professions and 37 majors. Every year, there are between 1200 people who receive diplomas for completing different training course.

As social partner, YCCI is constant and constructive participant in the public bodies of the Municipalities of the region – council for social partnership, council for social-economic development, other targeted councils in the field of development of the city and the region.

YCCI has multifarious fields of activities. They start with Information and consultation services, organization of workshops, training of companies and seminars, business support for the introduction of innovations and implementation of technology transfers, market research, development of strategies and solutions for business development, consultations in business planning, tax and legal systems, human resources, etc.

During the last several years Yambol CCI published five different representative publicity materials as brochures and leaflets for Yambol and the region and more than ten targeted multi-lingual brochures which were distributed throughout the world. YCCI maintains several professionally designed WEB-sites providing wide-aspect information for Yambol on several languages for the people all over the world. Till the present moment the sites has been visited by more than 5 million people from 132 countries.

Contact person/s: Ms. Daniela Ilcheva
Full postal address: Bulgaria, Yambol 8600, 1 Rakovski str
T. +35 946662939
F. +35 946665011

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